I am Vinod Chacko and I am a Unix admin by profession. I lives at Kochi and I manages NIX servers for a living. I am managing this site of my own and I use this to blog my thoughts or document some of the tips and tricks which I feel is not easily available in internet.

I do things that make me happy and most of the time driving and seeing places makes me a lot happier. That said, I have not yet got a chance to travel outside India :). Eventhough I do have a few extra pounds, I love to workout in the gym and I try to be regular as possible. I do see a lot of movies and I love to hear good Indian music, even-though I am quite open to the western music too.

I try to stick on to my ethics and principles on my personal and professional life.

FreeBSD is my favorite server OS and I am using Ubuntu for my desktop.

My Specialization

  • Linux and Unix ( Linux and FreeBSD )
  • Server Hardening, securing and automating process.
  • Web Server Installation and Optimisation ( Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx)
  • DNS Servers
  • Database Servers ( MySQL , PgSQL )
  • Customizing servers for high availability
  • Mail Servers.
  • Server management applications like cPanel, Plesk etc
  • Shell Scripts
  • OnApp , AppLogic
  • Nagios, Cacti etc

If you wish to know more about me or if you have a Linux project in hand, please drop an email to reachme [at] vinodchacko.org

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