My name is Vinod Chacko

I am an expert Freelance Linux Server Administrator and I can handle all your server admin headaches !!!

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This is me. Sysadmin Day and night. I never sleep… almost.

I am an expert Freelance Linux Server Administrator and I can handle all your server admin headaches by setting up, securing and managing all of your Linux based servers.

I love to work with servers without a control panel, if I am asked to choose, I will go with cPanel.

My daily tasks often consist of setting up servers with Apache or Nginx, database servers like MySQL or PgSQL, Email and DNS servers. I also love to set up servers with RoR, NodeJS or MongoDB.


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What my clients say about me and my work

Brilliant! Vinod demonstrated exactly the technical abilities that we asked for and was prompt with communication. He went out of his way to make sure we got what we needed. I would definitely hire Vinod again for any technical server management issues that we have in the future. This is exactly what you are looking for on communities such as this.

Steve EllisOwnerWingz Fashion

I really do enjoy working with you. Your an awesome guy and talented at what you do. I’m really looking forward to working with you for years to come!

Jonathan YoungCEOTTH Servers

Vinod has managed my server for a few years now, and I really would be in BIG TROUBLE without his expertise and client service. Vinod knows how to keep my server clean, up todate, and he really knows best how “to keep the BAD GUYS out of my server”!

Whenever I need something, whether it be a small boring task, or a lengthy, detailed project, Vinod always follows up with AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE, and he always delivers what he promises!

You can’t go wrong with Vinod!

Billy BOwnerAd Sales Apps

We love working with Vinod. He’s always available. (Do you ever sleep?). Super engaged and interested in understanding the full scope of each and every task. Get’s the job done, to-spec. on-time and under budget. The fact is this. After more than 15 years of working with vendor’s, Vinod is one of those rare “A Players you need on your team. He’s an honest, highly skilled  person we’ve always been able to depend on. (a refreshing change in the every ending ocean of excuse-makers, wanna-be’s you find far too often when looking for free-lance help). Thanks Vinod! We appreciate you and the skills you bring to our projects. You have our highest stamp of approval and we’ll continue to send business your way… both ours and those of our friends co-leagues.

Brad JohnsonCEOMarriage Wellness Institute

Vinod is a great professional and a great person. He’s competent, available, kind,  and he will always find, I mean ALWAYS, the right solution for your problem. I’ve been working with him on some projects for my site for more than 2 years and i will definitely will work with him again.

ArturoCTO4News, Italy

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Server Maintenance

I can maintain your linux server where your app is running so that you can sleep peacefully. I will set up monitoring and all related scripts to keep it running smoothly and alert us on any potential issues.

Server Setup

I can set up your new linux server from scratch so that you can host your awesome website or app in it.

Server Migration

Planning to upgrade hardware ? I can migrate your application and data to a new server with ZERO downtime.

Server Security

Have a malware infection or a hack in your server ? I can definitely help in securing your server.

PCI compliance

I can help your server to be fully PCI compliant so that you can set up your own payment gateway in it.


I can help you set up custom backup solutions so that you can have your data backed up to a location of your choice.

Do you have a project to discuss ? Feel free to get in touch using the form below or via social networks, I’m online most of the time.

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